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‘Boruto’ Spoilers Tease A Touching Naruto Moment

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the Chunin Exams will play out during the next few weeks, and after confirming the series will extend the fights, fans can now look forward to a touching moment between Naruto and Boruto. The spoilers for Episode 58, titled “Tournament, Start!” teases the start of the solo round of the Chunin Exams (as seen in the manga, Boruto: Naruto the Movie, and the original Naruto series) as Boruto is slated against his future opponent, Yurui from the Hidden Cloud.

But the important moment for fans, however, is the emotional moment Boruto and his dad share after his team test as well. The rest of the spoilers for the episode mention that “Boruto managed to clear the second test,” and is “visited by his father himself” who is now “proud of his son.” Boruto must be feeling down because of some action he must have made during the Team exam as Naruto needs to give him a pep talk because.

What Boruto isn’t aware of that the audience is clued into, however, is that Naruto has been thinking about his son this whole time as he keeps checking in with Shikamaru for updates. Fans even saw the result of this when Boruto is contacted by his father through email wishing him luck, but Boruto’s too stuck in his head to think about anything else.

Fans are probably aware why Boruto needs this pep talk in the first place as it probably involves the Ninja Tool that Boruto has been going back and forth over using it during the exam so far. Fans of the manga and movie know Boruto slips a little in the next phase of the exam, so it will be interesting to find out if the anime series plays out in the same way.