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A Sasuke Fan-Theory Confirmed In New Naruto Novel

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Nowadays, Naruto is less about Akatsuki destruction and more about parenting. After the manga came to an end a few years back, fans were left waiting until a sequel came around with Boruto. Now, the new series is picking up where its predecessor left off, and it just confirmed one cute fan-theory about Sasuke Uchiha and his daughter.

Over in Japan, Shueisha published a brand-new novel for Naruto. The spin-off is set during Boruto as it shows Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sasuke parenting their respective children. The most recent publication focuses mostly on Sasuke as the former rogue ninja makes his way back home to his wife and children. And, by the end, fans learn a rather important fact about the father.

Yes, it is him who teaches Sarada how to use the Great Fireball Technique. There is no reason to credit Kakashi for the fiery lesson.

As the novel goes, Sasuke spends his time trying to find a way to connect with Sarada in this spin-off. The moody hero tries to get advice from Kakashi about bonding with his daughter, but the Sixth Hokage just tells him to use a pet name. As expected, Sarada is not a big fan of the nickname, so Sasuke gives her something he knows he would have wanted at her age.

He offers to show her how to use the Great Fireball Technique. After the manga confirmed Sarada knew the attack, fans were desperate to know how the learned the move. Many had speculated Sasuke found time somewhere to teach her, but others suggested it was Kakashi who did the teaching. Given the move’s connections to the Uchiha clan, everyone expected Sarada to learn the Fire Release, but the question came down to who had taught her. And, thanks to Shueisha, fans know it was Sasuke who showed her the move for father-daughter bonding.